Welcome, Selamat Datang, Sugeng Rawuh

Sugeng Rawuh

Surakarta, (some people called Sala or Solo) is a city with cultural and historical value is very high, and became the second largest city in Central Java province. Measured geographically and administratively, Solo was right in the middle of ex-Karisidenan Surakarta whose territory includes Boyolali, Sukoharjo, Karanganyar, Wonogiri, Sragen and Klaten.

Cultural heritage, including cultural and historical heritage grandeur of the kingdom. Make both domestic and foreign tourists visit this city. Surakarta Palace and Castle Mangkunegaran Javanese cultural representatives pledged to continue to be conserved for the survival of the past heritage and history. Cultural relics and other historical legacy of Hindu temples, and museums Sangiran prehistoric times the site was officially launched as a UN World Heritage, World Heritage of the United Nations.

In addition to the strong cultural heritage, Solo has the most stunning natural scenery. Located on the slopes of Mount Lawu, Tawangmangu and yellow tea plantation is an area of major natural tourist destination in Solo.


Photo Credit : Decynug

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